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Updates for the month of August on HabSpot

HubSpot has announced several new updates for the month of August, which include:


A new template marketplace with hundreds of powerful web designs made up of new independent designs and mockups.

HubSpot themes are a set of stylistic elements and page layouts that can be used to build websites that make your business stand out.

Modules - Modules are components that can be used in templates or added to pages using drag-and-drop areas and flexible columns, such as cards with flip animation, scrolling content, video playlists and hover effect images, such as animated statistics, countdown clocks, timelines and maps, upgrade Pricing, donation and calls to action with subscription.


New campaign template library with 10 new HUBSPOT campaign templates for omnichannel campaigns:

  • Abandon cart
  • Email drip campaign
  • In-person event promotion
  • Internal newsletter
  • Loyalty program
  • Nurture
  • Onboarding & welcome
  • Product launch
  • Product sale
  • Re-engagement


Google Enhanced Conversions

HubSpot & Google Enhanced Conversions Integration With HubSpot Campaign Optimization
When a customer completes a conversion on your website, you may receive first-party customer data such as email address, name, home address and/or phone number.
This data can be captured in your conversion tracking tags, sent to Google securely, and then used to improve conversion measurement


Create ad targets within ads

You can now create four different ad targets and track their progress from the Analytics tab within Ads:
Contacts from first form submission
Cost per contact in a lifecycle stage
Network conversions
Number of contacts in a lifecycle stage


Trigger workflows with events and custom behavioral events

You can review the performance of your ad goals directly from the ads tool or from the reporting tool.
Now you can run WORKFLOW when an event occurs as a trigger!
create-event-trigger Expanding automation capabilities in time and in a customized way:
Form interaction and form viewed events
Property value changed
Custom Behavioral Event trigger
Object creation events
Sales document events
Sequence engagement events
Calling events (call started and call ended)
Meeting events (contact booked meeting + contact changed meeting outcome)



Improvements to the WhatsApp chat box

Message Metadata
Message Quarantining
Move between inboxes

These are just some of the many updates that HubSpot announced in the month of August.

Do you have questions about the latest HubSpot updates? Reply in the comments below.